Why Santa in Christmas?
1 year ago

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ was born on between 6 and 4 BC. Though without Santa, Christmas is bare and for children Christmas means Santa. Also the father of Christmas who comes alongside by saying HO! HO! HO! In red white dress, with a long beard and bag on shoulder full with gifts also with a happy face and Christmas bell on hand. 

But who is Santa??

Who give’s gifts to children on the birthday of Jesus?? And why??   

Jesus is not Santa because in the book of bible Santa is not mentioned.  

There are many stories on the existence of Santa…. 

One of them is the story of Saint Nicholas.

A long time ago Saint Nicholas was born on the year 270, in Myra (present-day southwestern Turkey), 280 years after the death of Jesus. He belongs to rich family and lost his parents in his childhood. He was Christian and estimate that he became the Bishop of Myra. He loved to offer gifts to children and make them happy but on the day of Christmas Nicholas prefer to give gifts in midnight as he don’t like to show his face while giving to double down the happiness. Once a poor didn’t had money for the marriage for his 3 daughters, so poor man sent his daughter for labor work. Then Nicholas at midnight came to 3 daughters and kept many gold coins in there wet socks. Helped them to come to light and in beautiful world of happiness. So now days also socks are hanged on Christmas night for the gifts by Santa. Since his death, Nicholas has been canonized as the patron saint of children. 

The first Anglicizing of the name of Santa Claus was in a story that appeared in a New York City newspaper in 1773. It is saying of people and also officially declared in 1985 that, Rovaniemi the hometown of Santa Claus. On the day of Christmas night Santa Claus loads his sleigh with toys and flies around the world, drawn by nine reindeer. There is many address of Santa also children send letters to him and even they get reply of their letters with gifts. 

Apart from the religious beliefs, the festival is known as sharing gifts with family as well as friends. The cute kids wait for the whole year to receive gifts from Santa. The craze of receiving gifts increases so much that they get up at midnight and start asking what they are going to get from Santa. They share their wishes with their parents and their parents try to accomplish them on the behalf of Santa