Why Biratnagar International College?

Biratnagar International College adopts a unique learning approach, L-T-W (Lecture, Tutorial and Workshop).Lectures are formal sessions and a starting point where a student gets detailed information on a specific topic.

Tutorials are small classes where students discuss and perform various tutorial activities on topics covered during lectures.

Workshops provide a space for students to practically implement their theoretical knowledge through presentations, market research activities, report writing and research work.

You will receive quality education at Biratnagar International College through our nationally and internationally recognised faculties. With both academic and industry experience, the faculties will turn textbook theories into real-life examples and the connections will provide you with valuable access to professional opportunities and networks.

Biratnagar International College is a joint partnership between the ING group academicians and professionals at Biratnagar, with management support from Islington College. The vision of this partnership thrives on providing an internationally recognised tertiary education at an affordable cost without compromising on academic quality. With an ultra-modern facility equipped with all the latest technology, we aspire to provide students with the most suitable learning environment.

Students from Biratnagar International College will have an opportunity to participate in an all-expense-paid 15-Day Summer-Camp Programme at The University of Wolverhampton, UK where they will be visiting the university and various historical places of the UK. They will also get a chance to meet other students from all across the world and exchange their knowledge while learning more about their cultures.

Students from Biratnagar International College will be visiting University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand to attend various workshops and training programmes. In addition to this, Students will have an opportunity for International industry visit where they will be introduced to the dynamics and working infrastructure across borders. Students will also be interacting with various industrialists, exchanging their business ideas and success stories.

At Biratnagar International College, students are exposed to entrepreneurs and leaders of today. Through these exposure programs, our students learn to visualise the formulation of strategy and the thinking that goes into making them leaders of today. Furthermore, the skill-driven course delivery, real world projects, internships, exchange programmes, and focus on leadership and entrepreneurship encourage our students to think differently and prepare themselves for the world of competition.