Bachelors in International Business Management

Bachelors in International Business Management is an interdisciplinary approach to global citizenship that will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to manage across the global framework. This course will train you in key areas of business by helping you develop your own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment, with digital literacy skills via the use of software employed by contemporary organisations. The international nature of this course means that you will be researching and discussing from a range of perspectives including the theory and evidence in the context of global business and management.

Year 1 / Level 03

  • 3BU002 – 21st Century Management
  • 3GK012 – Preparing for Success at University
  • 3BU003 – Principles of Business
  • 3GK013 – Project Based Learning

Year 2 / Level 04

  • 4BU015 – The Responsible Business
  • 4BU016 – The Sustainable Business
  • 4BE002 – The Innovative Business
  • 4BU017 – The Digital Business

Year 3 / Level 05

  • IB006 – Contemporary Issues in International Business
  • 5HR009 – The International HR Professional
  • 5BU017 – Operations and Project Planning
  • 5FC004 – Managing Finance and Accounts

Year 4 / Level 06

  • 56BE005 – The Strategic Business
  • 6BU024 – Global Context for Multinational Enterprises
  • 6BU020 – The Professional Project
  • 6MK014 – The Marketing Consultant
Qualification Level Number of Modules Number of Credits
Year 1 Level 3 4 120
Year 2 Level 4 4 120
Year 3 Level 5 4 120
Year 4 Level 6 4 120
  • Higher Secondary Education requirements (Any one of the following)

    • NEB 10+2 (any stream) Year 12 score of 45% or above (2.0/4 GPA or above) with minimum grade of D or above in each subject. In case the NEB of Nepal changes the letter grading system, the minimum grade in each subject should be the minimum acceptable grade as pass grade by NEB.
    • IGCSE minimum 2 ‘A’ level passes with minimum grades E or above.
    • Indian CBSE/ISC with Year 12 pass and score of 50% or above.
  • English Language Requirements (Any one of the following)

    • NEB Year 12 English score of 50% or above (Grade C+ or above) or Indian CBSE/ISC English score of 50% or above.
    • General paper (A or AS level), English (A or AS level) with Grade E or above.
    • Undertake and pass ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST designed and taken by the partner, subject to approval by the university.
    • The candidate must submit the evidence of his/her English Language Competence (a letter of certification from the previous institution) confirming his/her Higher Secondary Education has been delivered and assessed in English medium.

Upon completion, students will be able to get into career fields such as International Business Analysis, International Business Development Management, International Sales Management, International Management Consulting, Export Sales, Brand Management, Investment Banking and many more