Every man is a BATMAN
1 year ago

Bruce Wayne once said, “A hero can be anyone, even a man doing a job as simple and assuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hasn't ended.”

We all have a dream to be a superhero, or at least at one point we dreamt about it. But have we thought about what makes a man “a superhero”? Are they only the ones who save others’ lives without worrying about their own? Or the ones with a nicely built gorgeous outlook and their superpowers saving the planet? Can’t an ordinary man be a superhero? 

Well, let’s look into and learn from BATMAN

For those who don’t know who Batman is, he is a fictional character in Detective Comics that shows an extraordinary transformation of a helpless ordinary orphan named Bruce Wayne. When the corrupt system of Gotham City fails to provide justice to his dead parents, Bruce Wayne decides to leave all his money to train himself harder and become stronger in the Himalayas. The prime idea was to deal with the injustice he had to face, but during his training and struggles, he chose not to take vengeance but to help the travelers of the dark- who feel weak and unsafe. The very first thing that Batman teaches you is- to achieve your goal you must be willing to sacrifice.

This journey from Bruce Wayne to Batman itself gives a remarkable lesson to choose forgiveness instead of revenge. This is how we can be a superhero; this is how we can be a BATMAN. Batman is not only a vigilante, but rather a symbol of - hope, courage, discipline, and justice. If you help a specially-abled person to cross the road, you are Batman. If you can console someone when they are feeling low, you are a Batman. If you stood up against bullying, Batman lies within you.

A lawyer, judge, or policeman possesses Batman in himself when he leaves his greed and fear aside to support justice and give hope to society. These people show that Batman exists in real life! Every time we express modest emotions of empathy and sympathy or decide to make each other’s life better, we justify the existence of Batman within ourselves hence everyone has one within them.

Batman is one of those superheroes who didn’t have any superpowers but is an upgraded self. Batman is someone who knows that limits are only set by oneself and there is none. He is someone who knows what he can achieve in life and may NOT be defined by society. Bruce Wayne is a regular guy like you and me. His heart has the potential to be broken. He, like many others, has difficulties. He struggles to make decisions that are good for him. We're all struggling with our sense of self. For our parents, friends, and associates, we establish alter egos. Batman teaches us how we can learn to pick ourselves up if we ever fall. You don't need any superpowers; all you need is staunch determination, rock-solid discipline to help you bite the bullet, and the willpower to learn to live beyond self!