Motivation: Glare at the dead-end
1 year ago

                                           “There awaits a new hope”

From birth to death, we all seek the prestigious, proud, and righteous path for ourselves.

But do we achieve all we want?

Not always.

Humanity was merely a fiction in the mind of God unless we got ourselves the most potent weapon - Motivation

We tend to walk, race, and climb for the top, but most of the time we fall before arriving at the end. However, our mistakes inspire us to believe in our dreams, and finally, we achieve the result of what we pursue. 

There are various sources of motivation such as knowledge, thrill, love, and many more. From parents to children, motivation is like a shred of magic casting power, courage, and loving-kindness which help them be persistent towards their actions. For a doctor, the thrill of saving one’s life through their efforts may refer to motivation. While the huge expanse of information may stand as an inspiration for a researcher that assists him in finding the incomprehensible reality of the world.

Enthusiasm helps us achieve beyond the zenith where the light ends. Uplifting the desires to grab the flame of hope and our interest is only possible through a motivated body. Piercing through the underbrush, into the faint light of thick backwoods is where the secrets of self-realization are expected to be found.

For me, motivation (in the form of self-actualization) means my strength to achieve what I aspire to.

In Tennyson’s poem, “the passing of Arthur”, there’s a line that says, “Go forth and conquer as of old”. I believe we are our own best coaches. The simple truth in life is to know “What you must do?” and “How can you do it?”. There is a bright light at the endpoint which is waiting for us to reach and sparkle.

So, let’s take a few minutes to realize what motivates you?

Certain individuals could view inspiration from the craving as the best at whatever they might do. Others could track down inspiration through cash or prizes.  As Peter Parker, The Spiderman, said, “Don’t give up, life can grow from zero to a hundred real quick”. We could face ups and downs in our life, but we must be responsible for our actions and stay consistent with doing better every day. He proved that heroes are made by the path they choose, not the power they are graced with. And do you know what is the greatest gift anyone can receive in their lifetime? 

The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our life, to make a difference and run for progress!

As I have completed my fourth semester at Biratnagar International College, it’s been an interesting journey that has enlightened me to a completely new world. Initially, the standard methods and algorithms of research were hard for me to grasp. Eventually, I passed the gate of anxiety after fascinating topics such as digitalization, innovation, 21st-century management, and International trade emerged and motivated me to understand the global concept of business and the beauty of management. Additionally, the environment of support and collaborative relationships with seniors and juniors helped me to stay focused on my goal. Now, I'm grateful to be a member of the BIC family as I am every day inspired to do better and work in the direction of achieving my future pursuits.

Thus, never accept the world for how it is, look at what it could be. If you can find the mistakes of your failure, you will succeed. Brace yourself with hardship and embrace yourself with something farsighted.