Why only WOMEN?
1 year ago

Why only WOMEN?

 “You can’t do it. You are not eligible for this.” This is what we hear often. Sometimes we even judge and demotivate ourselves. We think that we are not made for certain circumstances. I just don’t think it’s other people who rule over us, it’s me inside us, who has power over our conscious mind. While we have a charismatic nature to perform different things, feel beautiful and outsmart hindrances, we also have a fear of failure and desertion. 

 “You are a woman, you are not allowed to do this, you are not allowed to be so frank, don’t expose your feelings, don’t wear revealing clothes, don’t come home late, don’t party hard, don’t go for a outstay, don’t put more makeups, be in a good posture, be aware of the lustful stares of the boys and all”. It’s so easy to push these narratives toward women and these are the barriers society that women face.

 Even if women live with these narratives, It is not guaranteed that society members respect us. This will not ensure their family's reputation in the community. These are the first thought that comes to our mind. Whatever the woman feels or desires to do is all ruled over by the third person. There is a saying “We are independent” but somewhere down the line women fear being controlled. Even, being successful and independent can be looked down upon if you are a woman. “You are a woman, no matter what you do, you can’t outperform a man in different circumstances.” these are the things that women hear all the time.

 Why do women have to face such situations all the time, why not a man? Women do ask this question lots of times. I hoped that I would be a man, or it would be so good if I was born as a man in the afterlife. “You are a woman, why are you laughing so hard, why are you studying higher studies when all you have to do is to go to your in-laws, you are not eligible for your parental property, when you want to fulfill your dream lots of questions will be raised, why do you have boys friend circle, etc.” Why are these questions frequently subjected towards women, why can’t women hear that you are eligible for everything, you are an angel who can achieve unlimited goals with your wings, and you are as equal as another side of the coin and will be treated accordingly?

 It’s not only women who face problems and useless claims all the time, even men do. We have set our perspective that every man is made to rule over the world. It’s not easy to be a man at all. Even men do have emotions, I know many men are given the freedom to do anything, but men have limits and boundaries exist too. Men are taught from childhood that “you are a man, you can’t cry like women, don’t ever show your emotions or else it will consider you weak and soft-heartened, don’t gossip like women, and most importantly “Be a Man”.” Why are we not saying, “Be a Woman”, even women are stronger, so why not men can be as stronger as a woman?

 I ask you all, “What is so wrong with exposing your emotions, do only females deserved to do that, why do I have to close my door and bury my face in the corner with a pillow to cry harder so that my cry won’t be listened by anyone else?” Every day we can hear news channels briefing a man sexually harassing a woman, so protect yourself against such harassers. Why do we only assume that women are not safe from the lustful desires of men, why not also protect men from such women? Women with lustful desires exist too, if it was not then there would never be news claiming four girls raped a man. Even men are not safe. 

 Most importantly, it’s our perception of inequality between men and women. Why do we always forget that there is always “ME” in men and women? There is always me who suffers every time. I together am a combined form of a woman. So, instead of encouraging only one or another side of the coin, let’s focus on making both sides stronger i.e., Me, Myself, and I

 Ps: Women + Men= WOMEN, where ME is common.

This article is not about only women as shown in the title, it is about me (you).