What if the Keyboard Speaks?
1 year ago

The adage "Walls have ears, Doors have eyes." is well known, but have you ever imagined how different life could be if an electronic gadget such as a keyboard could speak? Yes! You read it right!! This heading might have grabbed your attention immediately.

Starting with keyboards, functioning as input devices attached to a computer. Like how a person typed these thoughts that they wanted to share with you using a keyboard. Keyboards are arguably the best secret keepers as you can communicate exactly what you are thinking and feeling on a keyboard, and no one will know what you were thinking unless you save the document. Actually, if keyboards had speech capabilities, they would undoubtedly express some kind of rage toward the user because of getting punches multiple times a day. If the keyboard were the user, wouldn't it be angry as well? I mean who would genuinely want to get hit every day, after all? Right!!!

As a student who uses a keyboard every day, I feel bad for the keyboard because I believe I am one of the users who types so hard. However, if you think that keyboards might be one of your closest friends because they can tell your mood better than anyone else. Sometimes, if you hit the keys more forcefully, you might be angry. If you start typing quickly, one of two things is happening: either you're rushing to finish your assignment by the deadline, or you're thinking more quickly than your fingers can type.

The funniest result immediately comes to my mind. Just imagine today’s so-called lovebirds communicating with one another on these social networking sites while utilizing these keyboards. How intriguing would it be if the keyboard started questioning your love? Wouldn't it make them feel like a love counsellor is sitting between them if it started to alter the love ideas they were sent to the person on the other side of their computers? Oh, wait a minute! What are they thinking? What a catastrophe it would be if their parents were seated next to them when they were exchanging messages. Even in their imagination, it gives them a shiver. Right!!! Oh, come on, buddy! Just a thought, relax! Of course, every bit of their love would ignite a 3rd world war! HAHAHA

Eventually, another intriguing event came to mind. It would be really hilarious if all of my ideas came about as a consequence of my negotiations with the keyboard itself! If all of my thought processes are expressed in their language and ideas! If my article's topic helped me choose how to capture its essence in writing, I believe it would be hilarious! A simple fantasy, but what a fantastic notion! Isn't it? However, it's not exactly as simple as it seems to be! If keyboards were able to communicate with one another, personal information might be compromised. The fact that keyboards cannot speak is really the finest thing. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the feeling of privacy that comes from knowing that anything I type won't be revealed to anyone unless I publish it elsewhere. It's good to have a portion of my life to myself in a society where information is overly shared. 

So Let us express our views freely without any hesitation and capture them onto paper using the ink of our minds and not by a chatty piece of science! After going through the article, I suggest you and your keyboard better leave some comment!!!