Triumphing Vice-Chancellor Recent Graduate Award - My greatest achievement story!
1 year ago

It was in October 2017, when I joined Biratnagar International College – formerly known as Merryland College Biratnagar, and pursued BSc. (Hons) in International Business Management with an expectation of being a competitive candidate and a good global player. 

This course has trained me in key areas of business by helping me develop my own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment and also equipped me with digital skills. The international nature of this course has allowed me to constantly participate in research works and discussions of varied perspectives requiring practical evidence to the theories of global business and management.

With the skills and support I received from the course and college respectively, I was able to showcase my capabilities in real-world scenarios. As a result, I was chosen and awarded the Vice Chancellor's Recent Graduate Award by the University of Wolverhampton, making me the youngest recipient of the award, in the Inaugural Alumni Awards Ceremony 2022. This International award that I received recognizes the “extraordinary achievements of their recent graduates, whose successes have benefited local communities or society at large”. This award was given to me for my contribution to the field of social, fashion, and education in my community.

My efforts in the social sector include having actively volunteered to contribute to saving the lives of people through leading 1200 blood donation campaigns. I have also led awareness campaigns reaching out to more than 10,000 people; in schools, colleges, communities, and streets regarding the importance and benefits of blood donations and finally getting them ready for blood donation. 

Additionally, I have been running training programs for schools and high school students to enhance their personality and interpersonal skills. The event management skills I acquired from college events were of great help. I have been recognized as one of the most successful Fashion Event Managers in Eastern Nepal, helping me gain the prestigious title of Regional Director for Mr. Nepal in Province 1.

At the Graduation Ceremony, when I actually received the award from the hands of our respected Pro Vice Chancellor of Global Opportunities, Mr. Tim Steele, it felt like a fairy tale to me. It was an achievement so big that I never ever dreamed of. I always wanted to end my bachelor's with the highest qualification i.e. First Class Honors. Fortunately, adding to this, I received the most prestigious student award from a University recognized all over the globe. As much as I was astonished to receive the award I was full of joy to look around at my friends and family cheering for me and celebrating my success louder than myself. I could easily give up anything to live that moment again!   

‘Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not by hoarding it.’ 

I have always been a firm believer in learning through personal involvement. I have been a part of over 50 events as a judge/trainer, impacting the lives of thousands of aspiring youths who aim to do something better in their lives. 

In today’s world networking is key to ultimate success. In college, I have largely increased my networking with valuable personalities from different fields.  Thanks to all the events, seminars, and opportunities provided by BIC during the course of study.  It has supported me in most of my professional activities and has also encouraged me to help needy people through my networks. Similarly, I have been working as a bridge between top corporate houses and aspiring youths to pursue future careers. 

BIC is home to infinite opportunities. If one can identify and grab it on time, s/he would be a step ahead among the ones who missed grabbing it. 

For me, I will forever be grateful to the college, for polishing me to become a competent international candidate for this competitive global world, and most importantly for believing in me throughout that I could do it.