Shrinking Talks
1 year ago

We often have heard a simple question -Do men have feelings? In fact, some people falsely believe that men do not have feelings or emotions. 

There is not a single man who has not been discouraged a single time or even under multiple circumstances for sharing what they feel about what they are going through or been through. Rather they are suggested to brush it off. This results in the shrinking of safe topics and places where men can talk. In the modern world, they prefer either money or sports as their safe topics for discussion.  The decision of men, not to share or show their emotions is responsible for the fact that 1 in every 3 men faces depression and they are so rigid to preserving their masculinity that they don’t even talk about that too.

From my personal point of view not sharing what you feel makes you feel like everyone is overreacting to his/her problem as you solely dealt with all your problems. With the passing time when we are in our mid-30s, you stop giving sympathy rather you start comparing things like I dealt with all these problems when I was at your age with much more challenges and here you are. This again makes someone uncomfortable with sharing their emotions and the cycle continues. 

Later, things get more severe when women share their emotions with men and expect them to share back their feelings but in return, they feel like men do not trust them as they are unaware of the tendency of men to share their feelings until they themselves cannot get solutions. Also, as they have seen someone getting humiliated because they shared what they felt so it makes the situation challenging for them to share their feelings. 

But, once when they start trusting you, they will tell you what they think and feel without thinking twice. It’s not something specific to gender but if someone is uncomfortable sharing what they feel like or what they are facing then as a society we all are responsible. We are responsible for not being good listeners, we are responsible for interrupting them, and we are responsible for judging them. This all can be undone a new trend can be started the shrinking safe topics for man can be preserved and expanded. What do you think?