Never Give UP!
1 year ago

- Alisha Rajbanshi

You are a star, with a lot of hope-

Don’t let your desire fade on a slope.

Be determined on the way to your goal,

Set yourself free, and free your soul!

You are unique, don’t confine yourself ever,

The universe is yours, doubt that never.

Sometimes you may feel appalling, don’t feel low,

You are just about to reach your goal, just go with the flow.

Perceive that reaching the goal is not so easy,

You may be apart from your loved ones, you may feel dizzy

Your distress can sometimes lead you to drop out,

But life is all about uncertainties, believe in God, and stay devout.

Well, you might be doubting your potential,

While others may be admiring your strength and existential.

Do not hesitate to devote yourself to your desire

Believe in yourself, you can achieve anything like a flame of fire

On this journey, you may face some awful incidences

Do not allow it to affect your performances,

You know, there is always a bright day after a dark night 

Be confident always and never ever lose your sight.

When you will be close to your goal,

When you are just about to quench your soul, 

You will finally cherish all your struggles,

You will finally know your goodwill and your worth.                                                                                                                      

As you battle through the hardships of the journey and time passes by, 

You will be proud of passing the storms of your drive

Facing lots of difficulty and endurance with great joy

For that proud moment, can you please endeavor towards the goals of your life?