Movie with Metaphor!!!! Fight Club: Be Comfortable With Uncomfortable
1 year ago

Fight Club is a thought provoking story, which shows the exploration of themes such as consumerism, masculinity, and identity. Due to its immaculate direction and powerful performances, it has become a cult classic. The movie depicts the life of a common man with the office job and discusses the issues of common man with societal norms and authority. It encourages viewers to question authority and societal norms. It depicts the quest of searching for meaning in life by the main character who finally ends up leaving his job and creating an underground fight club. However, this movie is covered with multiple layers and to surprise the audiences the movie story plot finally reveals that the fight club that main character creates is a metaphorical representation of fight a common man internally struggles within himself. The fight and characters that main character is fighting are rather perpetual contemporary issues of material possession , identity crisis, anarchy, capitalism and violence. However, the main component of the movie I believe is stepping out from the cocoon of your comfort zone at your own will before it is too late.

The main character in the movie works a mundane office job and is stuck in a rut of comfort and routine. In order to break out of this, he forms the titular Fight Club and uses it as a way to push the boundaries of his comfort zones. According to the movie, when you are so fit into a built-in system you won't even need your name to survive. There is no impact that one can remember, not even your name. The metaphor of fighting and its rules are used to bring individuals out of their repetitive system. The predictable tedious actions can lead to stagnation and lack of growth, both personally and professionally. Obviously, we cannot make someone leave their safe place no matter how hard we try. These are the rules which now you can understand, how they instruct you not to advise anyone to join a fight club, or you should not try two hustles at the same time and my favorite one if it's your first time, you have to fight. 

Do you ever wonder how many people are successful not because of their luck or effort, but only because they tried something newer. These things make sense when you look at some instances when only if you had made an attempt, you could have achieved. Only when you had not listened to others and believed as well that your idea is crazy. The power of self-determination and the importance of forging your own path goes unnoticed. We have to choose to break free from the expectations and conventions of society in order to find our own identity and meaning. Like the character in the movie who uses violence. It is a crazy idea, but after each battle, he had no fear and felt more alive. If you get in a vicious fight every day of your life, then what normal day occurrence could ever scare you? We must learn to highlight the importance of living in the moment while taking risks.

The idea of comfort zones is also explored in other ways, such as the protagonist's preference for Ikea furniture, which symbolizes his need for comfort and safety. By the end of the film, the protagonist can break out of his comfort zone and find a new sense of freedom and purpose, making Fight Club an excellent example of how comfort zones can be overcome. In the modern context, the concept of comfort zones still applies. People tend to stick with what they know whether it's their job, their relationships, or even their hobbies. To break out of one's comfort zone, it's important to take bold steps and try new things, even if they may feel uncomfortable at first. This could include changing careers, traveling alone, or building new connections. Everyone's comfort zone is unique, but it's essential to remember that taking risks and venturing into the unknown can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

From Fight Club, we can learn that it is important to question the status quo and to think for ourselves. It highlights the importance of self-determination, taking risks, and living in the moment. Finally, it suggests being open to new experiences and embracing changes. The movie depicts importance of being honest with ourselves to live a meaningful life. The movie shows how facing our fears and challenges can help us grow and become stronger. It also emphasizes the importance of not giving up, even in the face of adversity.