“Me and My Poetry: A wordsmith unable to hammer the right poetic screws.”
1 year ago

According to Frye (1957), “A verse is certainly the best mechanism for offering one's most profound viewpoints and feelings.” Frye goes on to argue that the subjective nature of lyric poetry, with its focus on the poet's emotions and experiences, makes it a powerful tool for conveying deeply personal and profound insights. So, poetry is a popular way for many people to express themselves. 

However, I don’t often write poetry. And WHY?

Let us know my story about me and my journey toward poems.

Writing a poem used to scare me. It lets people in on my most intimate thoughts and feelings. Being aware that many poets work anonymously, I still worry about expressing my feelings and thoughts. It would expose too much of who I am.

As with any art form, poetry requires a certain level of skill and talent to produce a poem that will resonate with readers. I don't think I have the lyrical skill to write a poem that others will find meaningful. When I first started poetry, my rhymes were so bad, they made Dr. Seuss (widely regarded as one of the most influential children's authors of the 20th century) roll over in his grave. Poetry is so effective because it can express a person's feelings in just a few lines. Different people speaking different languages have different opinions about whether art and music are good or bad. Poetry, on the other hand, is a language in and of itself. It calms the mind and refreshes the way of thinking.

Let’s pause for a second to read one of my boring poetries…

The Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I tried to bake a cake,

But it turned out like glue.


I followed the recipe,

To a T, or so I thought,

But my cake came out lopsided,

And the frosting looked like snot.


I tried to salvage it,

With sprinkles and some flair,

But it still looked like a mess,

And tasted like despair.


So now I'm off to the store,

To buy a cake that's grand,

Cause, when it comes to baking,

I just don't understand!


I'm afraid if I start writing poetry, I'll turn into a tortured artist, and no one wants to deal with that. Right???

 I tried writing a love poem once and it ended up sounding like a grocery list. Let's just say romance isn't my forte. But again, I tried writing a haiku and it was so bad, it made my CAT run away. I can't risk that kind of trauma again. 

As someone who thinks deeply and inspires others, let's face it: a good old-fashioned motivational speech is the best way to do it. I mean, can you picture me saying, "Roses are red, violets are blue, belief in yourself, and you can do it too" in front of a crowd? 

I didn't think so, either. 

So, I'll mostly stick to what I'm good at, which is deep thinking and I'll leave the poetry to the real wordsmiths who are out there.

But eventually, 

as my cat ran away,

 my cake faded the day, 

and my love veer grocery than bae,

These humorous events motivated me to create some good poetry.

Here is a piece of my work.

Beautiful Mankind

In the stillness of the night,

When the stars are shining bright,

I sit and ponder life's great mysteries,

And all the beauty that surrounds me.


The rustling of the leaves,

The gentle sway of the trees,

The scent of flowers in the air,

All reminds me of… those everyday beauties.


In this world of chaos and strife,

Beauty is the one constant in life,

It lifts us up, it brings us joy,

And fills our hearts with peace and buoy.


So let us cherish beauty's grace,

And let it light our every face,

For in its radiance, we'll find,

The peace and joy of humankind. 

Hope You Liked It

Moral of the story:

A word of advice from this FALTU (Just for fun) article, “Enjoy what you want to do, U can succeed at some point in time if U have that passion”.


Frye, N. (1957). Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays. Princeton University Press.