Depression: I want to live?
1 year ago

Y/n 1: Ahh...Hh…please save me…

Y/n 2: Why? Why should I save you?

Y/n 1: I don’t understand?

Y/n 2: You were willing to die few minutes before. What’s wrong now? I’m here to fulfil your wish man.

Y/n 1: What are you even trying to pull off? You freaking wanted to kill me, are you even my best friend. Please pull me up.


Y/n 2: Why should I? Give me a damn perfect reason to pull you up? This is what you wanted after all- “SUICIDE”. You wanted to die because you are all alone in this world. So, I am making it easy by pushing you down to the heaven from this rooftop.


Y/n 1: I don’t want to DIE. I want to LIVE. Yes, I want to live but it’s true that I didn’t had a single reason before to continue living. I was all alone as everyone accuses me wrongly, they blame me for the reason that I haven’t committed. Still all of them hate me, even I hate my existence. “BUT I WANT TO LIVE AND DIE”. Please PULL me UP.


---------------------------------------------Y/n 2 pulls Y/n 1-----------------------------------------------


Y/n 2: this is what I really wanted you to experience. It is not necessary that what we think will have to actually work out, it’s the reality not a cybernetic. You have to face each and everything on your own. Look DEPRESSION is not the solution but SOLUTION is the life. It’s never your problem or your fault that you are lacking or the people don’t like you, but there is always a room for change which you can try. Just remember I didn’t pull you up to give you a second chance to live but to be optimistic and courageous.

Depression is a major miserable disorder having negative impact on the understanding of the human being. It highlights the way of one being emotional, performing and intellectual. It causes feeling of grievance and loss of interest among the people. Person can experience it not only at the time of deceased but also undergoing through stressful period. According to the medical observation, it is enough to have a symptom for maximum of two weeks and must epitomize slight changes compared to the normal functioning of the person for the diagnosis.


It is stated that depression is assumed to be estimated one in 15 adults every year and one in every 6 person experiences it having different causes in a lifetime. None of the human being are present that has not gone through the phase of depression. Students are depressed of their assignments and examinations, parents for their sense of responsibilities, teachers for the students, relationship issues, losing the closed ones, failure stress and employees for not getting the activities done as per their wish in terms of promotions, increment, compliments from the boss and lack of spending time with their family and closed ones, etc. It can happen at any time but frequently seen amongst late teens to mid-20s. One third of women are more likely to experience depression than that of men as per the statistics and facts. Interesting fact about it is that it can happen due to heritability too. 


Grievance and depression are two distinguished terms. During grievance person experiences both positive and negative memories of the deceased or the incident but the major characteristics of depression is to demotivate the person totally as it implies person to lose all the interests and hopes towards the life. He feels to end his life at that moment and distances himself from the world. In grievance, self-esteem is recognised but depression makes the person feel useless and guilty towards their own presence. 


Fortunately it is treatable. Almost 80-90% of people shows positive sign of recovery but remaining 10-20% people’s depression case worsens. They might end taking their own life or follow criminal activities to overcome it. It’s a most concerning case as it decides the future of the youngsters towards their achievement. It is not necessary that it always occurs due to feeling of loneliness and worthless but also as a symptom of diseases like thyroid and vitamin deficiency, brain tumour and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). Therefore before treating depression there should be a proper blood test and consultancy from the expertise doctors. It can be treated through proper medications, psychotherapy, self-help and coping, indulging into new interests and hobbies, discussing the problem with the trusted people and Electroconvulsive Therapy. 


DEPRESSION IS REAL- let’s not take this crucial topic in a light manner. One being diagnosed with it is really going through a complicated circumstances. Instead of taking this as a matter of witticism, do something that will raise a hope of motivation to that person. Let’s not supress the feeling inside and hurt ourselves, let’s be strong and tackle the problems in a heroic way.