Can first impression be the last impression?
1 year ago

Daily, we encounter a wide variety of things and people, but at the end of the day, we frequently reflect on one specific interaction that made the day interesting or somehow left us with a lasting impression. This might be person, situation, any object. Whether they may agree, disagree, or take neutral stand, it leaves us with some impression. However, impression may  not last as they can evolve as one comes to know someone or something better over time.

In my perspective, I don't believe that first impressions are always dependable; we often get misguided by it. Since initial perceptions are formed by individuals who are unfamiliar to our situation , it is understandable to not judge them.". They will believe what they want to, and it is also true that we only get one chance to make a good first impression. However, it may be affected by several criteria, such as one's physical attributes, body language, tone of voice, context, and personal prejudices. Later It may be difficult to revise evaluations of someone or something that were made because of these criteria if they were inaccurate or incomplete. Hence, I believe people should not profile people according to their first impressions.

Reflecting on the instances of your last impressions: Can you recall every encounter with a stranger? Or the most recent visit to a friend's house? What about the friend who recently left for a job or study abroad program? Did they excel in sports or academics, or were they sociable with you? Naturally, a positive last impression is  said to be formed if the memory is strong and if you miss them or else you won’t bother people with bad impressions leaving you.

Of course, there is also the ultimate impression, which is what we often refer to as “death”. It is important to understand how people are remembered: are they remembered for their vibrant personalities, their youth, or only through word of mouth? We don't have many options for the final impression, which is unfortunate but also true.

Well, now that I think about it, even if our first impression isn't the best, we still have the chance to work on making it better over time by our interactions and attitude, but when it comes to a last impression, it's a period. It’s impossible to get a second chance to make a last impression.

Finally, we can assert that there are several opportunities throughout life to have an impact on others. Sometimes, we have no control over how others may interpret a given circumstance. However, it can be remembered or imprinted in two situations, namely the first impression and the last impression. Therefore, my advice to you is to not ruin your first impression and, more importantly, to focus more on the last impression.