BIBM in Biratnagar - Biratnagar International College

Bachelors in International Business Management

Bachelors in International Business Management is an interdisciplinary approach to global citizenship that will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to manage across the global framework. This course will train you in key areas of business by helping you develop your own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment, with digital literacy skills via the use of software employed by contemporary organisations. The international nature of this course means that you will be researching and discussing from a range of perspectives including the theory and evidence in the context of global business and management.

Year 1 / Level 03

  • 3BU002 21st Century Management
  • 3GK012 Preparing for Success at University
  • 3BU003 Principles of Business
  • 3GK013 Project Based Learning

Year 2 / Level 04

  • 4BU015 The Responsible Business
  • 4BU016 The Sustainable Business
  • 4BE002 The Innovative Business
  • 4BU017 The Digital Business


Year 3 / Level 05

  • IB006 Contemporary Issues in International Business
  • 5HR009 The International HR Professional
  • 5BU017 Operations and Project Planning
  • 5FC004 Managing Finance and Accounts


Year 4 / Level 06

  • 56BE005 The Strategic Business
  • 6BU024 Global Context for Multinational Enterprises
  • 6BU020 The Professional Project
  • 6MK014 – The Marketing Consultant
Qualification Level Number of Modules Number of Credits
Year 1 / Level 03 Level 3 6 120
Year 2 / Level 04 Level 4 6 120
Year 3 / Level 05 Level 5 6 120
Year 4 / Level 06 Level 6 6 120

Academic Proficiency

Completion of NEB +2 Qualification with an aggregate ≥ 45% or CGPA ≥ 1.8/4

For IGCSE A-levels, 3 ‘A’ Level Passes with minimum grades D and above.

For CBSE XII Grade ≥ 50%

English Proficiency

English NEB XII marks ≥ 50% or Grade ≥ C+ or GPA ≥ 2.4/4

For IGCSE A-levels, ‘Pass’ in General Paper or English with Grade E above at A or AS Levels

Applicants who marginally fail to meet the above criteria for English must submit an Evidence of English Language Competence i.e. a letter of certification from the previous institute (For e.g. 10+2 College) confirming that the applicant’s Higher Secondary Education has been delivered and assessed in English medium.

Applicants not meeting the aforementioned criteria for English can demonstrate their English proficiency with any one of the following internationally recognised English Tests:

IELTS Overall Score 6 with minimum 5.5 in each component.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Aggregate Score of 54 with minimum 51 in each skill.

TOEFL Aggregate Score of 79 with minimum 19 in each skill.


All other equivalent qualifications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the University of Wolverhampton.

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age during the time of application. Applicants above 21 years of age and/or gaps after High School have to go through special arrangements, and are subject to acceptance by the University of Wolverhampton.

Upon completion, students will be able to get into career fields such as International Business Analysis, International Business Development Management, International Sales Management, International Management Consulting, Export Sales, Brand Management, Investment Banking and many more